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Dental Cleanings and Exams in Broomall

Here at Advanced Dental Concepts, we care about your ongoing dental health. To keep your teeth healthy and strong all year long, Dr. Sander I. White recommends coming in every six months for a dental check-up.  A typical check-up involves having X-rays taken of your teeth, a thorough cleaning with a dental hygienist, and an exam with Dr. White.  Here are a few reasons why you should make these visits a regular part of your dental health routine.

Catch Problems Early

First and most importantly, visiting Dr. White every six months will ensure that any problems are recognized and immediately treated. Bacteria hides in areas of your mouth that you can’t reach with a tooth brush or floss. Mouthwash helps, but plaque and tartar can build up and cause decay despite daily brushing and flossing. When left undetected, decay can quickly advance to become a cavity. Even with excellent homecare, it takes about six months for plaque to build-up and harden into tartar. During each bi-annual check-up, Dr. White will examine your hard-to-reach areas for hardening plaque and tartar build up, and if he sees signs of decay, he will suggest proper treatment to thwart the advancement of disease. 

Get Answers to Your Dental Questions

In the course of your exam, Dr. White will invite you to ask him questions. He enjoys sharing what he knows and is always willing to give advice regarding proper dental care. A lot of our patients ask about sedation, cosmetic options, tooth sensitivity, share concerns about clenching or grinding their teeth, tooth pain, and even about which toothbrush to use. The field of dentistry is growing, improving, and new treatment options are becoming available. If you are interested in learning more about these advances in treatment, Dr. White will be happy to answer.

Dr. White enjoys getting to know his patients and believes in focusing on the individual and building relationships based on trust and consideration. We are always working to provide our patients with our best care and services, which includes providing information, offering informed opinions, and answers to all your dental questions.

Learn Proper Hygiene Habits

Another benefit to meeting regularly with Dr. White is the training he can give you regarding maintaining good oral health. Often our patients are confused when we continue to find cavities forming despite their efforts at home. Dr. White can show you how to reach that troublesome spot, such as a food trap between teeth, and clear away bacteria before it becomes a problem. Dr. White will also look at prior dental work, a dental implant for example, to ensure that it is continuing to function properly, and will provide instructions for home care.

Consider Further Dental Treatment

If decay or disease is found during your check-up, if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, or would like restorative work done on your smile, Dr. White will sit down with you to discuss treatment options to fit your particular needs. He is happy to take the time to listen to your concerns and together, the two of you will make a plan to address your specific treatment requirements.

Our mission is to transform our patients’ lives by helping them achieve optimal dental health. We are committed to giving you the personal attention that you deserve at each visit to our office. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment, or a consultation with Dr. White.

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