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The best option for filling cavities used to be mercury amalgam fillings. These were made up of a mixture of silver, copper, tin, and mercury. They were invented in 1865 and were an improvement on every tooth repair option that had come before. However, they still presented many drawbacks. Amalgam fillings don’t bond to the teeth; they merely nestle into the existing openings, and more tooth material has to be removed to make sure these gaps are the right shape to hold them. They also expand and contract and commonly cause cracking and fractures of teeth. Tooth decay often restarts under mercury fillings. Amalgam fillings also look dark and unsightly, much like the cavity they are meant to repair. To avoid the problems that come with a mouth full of older silver fillings, Broomall Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sander I. White offers a superior alternative: tooth colored composite fillings.

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Tooth Colored Fillings--A Beautiful, Durable Alternative

Tooth colored fillings, also called composite resin fillings or white fillings, are made up of a mixture of resin and ground ceramic. These fillings are made to bond with the natural dentin and enamel of the teeth, creating a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Manufacturers who make tooth-colored fillings offer resin in a wide range of shades, allowing Dr. White to choose a filling color that matches your existing teeth perfectly. Better yet, new composite resin fillings are designed to mimic the natural opacity of the teeth, creating repairs that are practically seamless. Here are some other powerful benefits of tooth-colored fillings:

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  • Durability: Well placed composite resin fillings often last more than 10-15 years.
  • Less Sensitivity to Hot and Cold: Older amalgam fillings merely sat on top of areas that were previously decayed, often leaving the tooth open to further infections and dental sensitivity. However, composite resin materials help to insulate the tooth, helping patients to stay more comfortable.
  • Composites Maintain More of Your Natural Tooth: Composite resin fillings don’t require as much tooth removal to keep the filling in place, which means that Dr. White can preserve more of your natural tooth.
  • Versatile Applications: Composite resin material is so durable that it can also be used to repair cosmetic dental problems, such as misshapen teeth, teeth that are too short, or chips.
  • Don't Stain Your Teeth: Unlike amalgam fillings, which tended to leach out into your surrounding tooth and stain the area, composite resin fillings will not cause unsightly discolorations on your teeth.

What to Expect When Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

As one of the best Broomall dentists around, Dr. Sander I. White is delighted to repair cavities and restore natural beauty to your teeth. Before any repairs are made, your mouth will be carefully numbed so that you can stay comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, the decayed portions of the tooth will be removed, and the tooth will be cleaned, rinsed, and dried. A gentle compound will be applied to the tooth to prepare the surface and improve adhesion. After Dr. White chooses the appropriate composite resin shade for your tooth, the filling material will be sculpted into place, cured, polished, and rinsed, leaving your tooth beautiful and whole.

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