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Sedation Dentist Philadelphia and Broomall According to The Academy of General Dentistry, 40 million Americans avoid dental visits because of fear or anxiety. Are you one of them? This common phobia can be overcome. Dr. Sander I. White is a DOCS-certified sedation dentist who offers soothing sedation methods to make your dental care experience positive, successful, and comfortable.

Your sedation dentistry options

At our Broomall dental office, we offer three types of sedation: nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and oral conscious sedation. At your sedation dentistry consultation, Dr. White will help you determine the method that’s right for you. Our entire team has advanced training in sedation or sleep dentistry. We’ll safely administer your sedation, then monitor you throughout your procedures.

  • Nitrous Oxide: Commonly called laughing gas, this sedation method is inhaled through a comfortable mask. Nitrous oxide alleviates anxiety as well as discomfort, and the effects wear off quickly after your treatment. You’ll get back to your busy day immediately following your appointment.
  • Oral and Oral Conscious Sedation: You’ll take a commonly prescribed sedative prior to your appointment and enter a state of complete relaxation. Oral and oral conscious sedation patients can respond to questions and express their needs but are blissfully unaware of treatment details. If you opt for oral conscious sedation, Dr. White will administer nitrous oxide to enhance the effects of the sedative. Your sedation will diminish gradually after your appointment. Most patients resume normal activities the day following treatment.

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

The cost of your sedation dentistry will depend on specific methods chosen and the length of time for the procedure being performed. Dr. White will discuss the options available to you and help you to understand fees, payment plans, and review your insurance coverage.

After your procedure

The effects of sedation dentistry are similar to any other kind of medical sedation. It will take a little time for the medication to wear off. You will likely be drowsy for a few hours after the procedure. Some sedation methods may require that someone drive you home and make plans for your return to full alertness. Dr. White will, of course, give you full detailed instructions.

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These sedation methods not only eliminate anxiety, they can save you time as well. During your oral or oral conscious sedation dentistry appointment, Dr. White can perform complex procedures that would typically require a series of appointments to complete.

If sedation dentistry sounds like something you’re interested in, let us know. We’d love to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile that you deserve!

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