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Oral Surgery in Broomall

Dr. Sander I. White performs oral surgery to remove unsavable or impacted or erupted wisdom teeth. Our modern jaws often can't accommodate these large third molars, so they can become impacted in gum or bone, causing pain and pressure. Sometimes, wisdom teeth erupt through gum tissue, only to crowd other teeth and create esthetic and oral health problems.

If you require oral surgery in Broomall, we'll explain the details of your procedure, monitor you throughout your treatment, and provide attentive post-surgery care. Dr. White will use state-of-the-art techniques to perform your surgery with precision and efficiency and with your utmost comfort in mind at all times. We care about your smile and will strive to make your oral surgery experience positive and successful.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or consultation with Dr. White, your partner in the quest for a beautiful, healthy smile. Our Broomall office delivers exemplary service and distinctive dental care to residents of Broomall, Philadelphia, Delaware County, and surrounding areas.

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