Cosmetic Dentistry Health Benefits

If you're anxious about coming to the dentist, we would like to bring you comfort.

At first glance, cosmetic dentistry is a purely voluntary process, designed to improve looks and not health. But many of our services beautify your teeth and promote health at the same time. A full, bright, white smile is a healthy smile in more ways than one, and contributes to both your oral health and your overall well-being. At Advanced Dental Concepts in Broomall, PA, we specialize in treatments that give you all of this.

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Health Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

Cleaning and care

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Whenever your teeth are cleaned, either at home or by a dentist, you are providing for both their appearance and their health. Plaque and tartar, the substances that dull and yellow your teeth, are also responsible for eating away your enamel. The fluoride that strengthens your teeth against bacterial damage also whitens them. Throughout your life, the healthier you keep your teeth, the better they will look, and both daily cleaning and regular dental cleanings are essential to maintaining tooth health.

Straight and strong

Uneven pressure on your teeth can lead to permanent damage. Your teeth are designed to work together when you bite and chew. They are best able to do this when they are properly aligned. Straight teeth without gaps present a much more level surface than crooked teeth do, allowing the force of the bite to be distributed evenly. This minimizes the risk of breakage and also prevents the wear that results from badly-positioned teeth grinding against the opposite jaw.

In addition, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean properly and more likely to trap food, which makes the teeth and gums more susceptible to infection. Left untreated, gum disease leads to tooth loss and bone deterioration. Straight teeth are easier to care for and stay healthy for longer, keeping your smile bright and your bite strong. At Advanced Dental Concepts, we offer inconspicuous clear braces that will give you a beautiful smile that can help you avoid many of these health problems.

No gaps, no problem

A missing tooth does more than diminish the aesthetics of your smile. When teeth are lost, they affect all the surrounding areas of the mouth. Other teeth shift and lean into the gap. Increased pressure on the remaining teeth can cause pain and changes in alignment. Even the gums and bone in the empty space will naturally deteriorate over time, an effect which can cascade through your mouth. But replacing the missing teeth can halt and even reverse some or all of these conditions.

Any tooth replacement will prevent teeth from shifting and redistribute the force of your bite, as well as restoring the natural appearance of your teeth. Dental implants go a step further, and actually encourage the maintenance of bone and gum mass around the site of the lost tooth. Replacing your missing teeth is not only the best choice for your looks, but also for your health.

A confident smile

There are few greater boosts to your self-esteem than knowing you can smile without embarrassment. A confident, beautiful smile improves the way you view yourself, as well as the way you are viewed by everyone around you. Whether it's a simple teeth whitening or a full-mouth restoration, any improvement to your smile is an improvement to your mood and mental health.

At Advanced Dental Concepts, we are aware of the complex connection between mind, body, and mouth. Come to our Broomall dental office for the best general and cosmetic dentistry treatments, and let us boost your health and your mood. Contact us by phone during normal office hours, or through our online contact form. Make your appointment today, and let us brighten your smile.

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