Repairing Broken, Worn, or Cracked Teeth in Broomall, PA

If you're anxious about coming to the dentist, we would like to bring you comfort.

Are you living with damaged teeth? At Advanced Dental Concepts, we help our patients with everything from sports injuries to the results of of aggressive brushing, repairing the damage through dental bonding, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and inlays and onlays. These procedures can help us to completely restore your teeth, leaving you with a comfortable, beautiful smile once again.

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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

The material we use for dental bonding is a durable composite resin the same material used in tooth-colored fillings which can be sculpted as necessary to fix your damaged tooth. After the material is in place, it is cured with a special light until it hardens. Hardened composite resins can also be filed and polished, which helps us to create completely seamless and attractive repairs. We can use dental bonding to patch dental cracks, extend tooth length, reshape teeth, fill gaps, and even to cover root exposure.

Porcelain Veneers

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If your teeth are cracked, discolored, or flawed, dental veneers can correct the problem. Porcelain veneers are thin, incredibly strong laminates that are fixed to the front of your teeth. Because veneers are created from porcelain, they have the same reflective properties as your normal teeth, creating a beautiful, completely natural look.

Inlays and Onlays

Occasionally, a tooth becomes damaged in multiple places at once, leaving the tooth with channels of decay that can be hard to address with traditional fillings. Fortunately, advanced imaging can be used to make a perfect, three-dimensional image of the damage, so that our lab can create a custom inlay. Using 3D printing and custom molds of your teeth, our dental professionals can sculpt a custom replacement inlay that will fit in your damaged tooth perfectly. Onlays are like inlays, only they are also sculpted to replace the tooth cusp as well. Inlays and onlays are different from crowns because they aren't made to cover the entire tooth. Both are cemented in place with durable adhesives, leaving you with a structurally sound, natural-looking tooth.

Any tooth damage, minor or extensive, can be repaired with the right restorative procedure.
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Dental Crowns

Occasionally, a tooth receives so many repairs over the years that it loses its structural stability. For example, if you receive several fillings in the same tooth, the tooth might be at a higher risk of extensive fractures. To strengthen the area and to improve the appearance of the tooth, Dr. White might recommend a crown. Crowns are essentially a cap that is cemented in place over your natural tooth, preserving the natural root structure that supports the tooth. Crowns are made to match your surrounding teeth, creating a natural look.

If you have dental damage that you are concerned about, make an appointment with Broomall dentist Dr. Sander I. White today. Dr. White will carefully evaluate your smile and talk with you about your repair options.

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