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Sleep Sweetly in the Chair and Forget That You Were Here!

Snooze News Yes, it's a dream come true for every anxious dental patient: safe, comfortable dental care while you snooze. Not awake yet not asleep. No intravenous needles. No general anesthesia. No pain. Just a few small pills to take and nothing to lose but your memory of a procedure you'd rather forget anyhow.

How does it work? Well, the night before your appointment, following a carefully monitored schedule, you take a small pill. This sleeping aid medication has been used safely and successfully for many years…and now, modern operating room monitoring equipment and dosage adjustments have made it accessible to help patients 'snooze' through even the most demanding dental procedures. In fact, this method is well-suited to especially complex procedures, as it can allow us to complete in one visit what would normally take a whole series of spaced-out appointments. Yet, because you're not really asleep, you're available to us to answer questions, without anxiety or memory of any kind.

At one point, I taught this technique to a skeptical physician anesthesiologist who visited my office. He left amazed that such a gentle method could accomplish so much. He observed first-hand an extremely nervous patient snooze through a complex dental procedure, completed all in one visit.

Sound like something that might benefit you or someone you care about? We'd love to help. Our entire staff has undergone expert training to apply this technique to our treatment plans, making dentistry an easy, comfortable experience for everyone. Just give us a call and we'll be glad to discuss it further.

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