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The Dangers of Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Broomall Everyone knows that missing teeth can impact your smile, make you uncomfortable in photos, and sometimes even affect the way you speak or eat. However, if you've been missing teeth for a long time, there are risks you should be aware of aside from cosmetic problems. You may want to consider getting dental implants in Broomall to offset the following side effects of missing teeth.

Bone Loss

Many people don't realize this, but missing teeth can actually lead to bone loss in your jaw. The supporting bone that anchored your tooth no longer has a purpose, so in an effort to be efficient, your body quits performing any kind of maintenance on the area. The result is deterioration of the jawbone in the location of where your tooth was.

Bone loss can put you at an even greater risk for losing more teeth in the future. Your teeth lean on each other, and when one is missing, the others shift, tilt, and weaken. Finally, the entire appearance of your face can be effected as your cheeks lose the support of the jawbone to maintain their shape.

Gum disease

Advanced gum disease, or as it's referred to formally, periodontitis, is another huge problem that you can face if you don't replace teeth that have been missing for a long time. Even if gum disease didn't contribute to your tooth loss in the first place, the open socket where your tooth once rested opens the door for all kinds of bacteria to enter your gums. Periodontitis is a very nasty infection which can cause more tooth loss, bone loss, and deterioration of your entire jaw if not treated early, likely making this the most serious side effect of losing teeth. Learn more about gum disease treatment.

Speech and eating

Missing teeth, as mentioned above, may also have a huge impact on your speech. Without teeth in their proper place, it's hard to say certain words, and you end up becoming incredibly self-conscious of not only the gap in your smile, but your newfound speech impediment.

Additionally, the long-term loss of teeth affects how you eat. You may have to put more strain on other teeth in order to compensate for a lost tooth, which increase the risk of those teeth wearing out far before you do. The discomfort of eating with missing teeth may also limit your diet, which has its own impact on your health.

At the end of the day, a missing tooth is a big problem that you should address immediately. One of the best solutions is dental implants. By visiting Dr. White in Broomall, PA, you can get back the smile you've lost and not have to worry any longer about the unwelcome side effects of missing teeth. Call us today or schedule an appointment, and let Dr. White restore your smile.

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