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We believe that good preventive dental care is a partnership. At your periodic checkup and dental hygiene visits, we'll take the time to understand what's going on with your smile, suggest treatments to prevent or treat dental conditions, and provide information to help you maintain a strong, healthy smile at home.

Dr. White offers comprehensive therapies for healthy mouths and lasting smiles. We provide routine preventive care, including laser cavity detection, oral cancer screenings, bite assessments, and gum care. But Dr. White also eliminates headaches with personalized TMJ treatments, renews periodontal health with non-surgical gum disease therapy, and performs simple to complex extractions and oral surgery. Whatever your dental needs, we'll deliver full-service care for a smile that lasts!

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Advanced Dental Concepts understands the importance of good year-round dental health. That’s why we offer checkups that cover all the bases and allow Dr. Sander I. White to assess your dental health and take appropriate action. The major benefit that comes with regular checkups is the ability to catch problems early on, making treatment possible before the problem has the chance to worsen. Dr. White will also have the chance to answer any questions you have and advise you on good oral hygiene habits going forward.

Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease is incredibly common and, unfortunately, many people don’t even know they have it. It’s important that the problem, when present, is treated though. It can lead to more serious health problems if it goes untreated. If the infection progresses below the gum line, it can be much harder to treat. With the help of Dr. White’s gum disease therapy, the problem can be treated and stopped from progressing further. It’s vital that action is taken if you suspect you have gum disease. Come to Advanced Dental Concepts and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem.

Tooth Extractions

There are many situations in which a tooth extraction might be the best treatment option available. This shouldn’t cause you to fret though. Dr. White has carried out many tooth extractions and modern techniques, as well as the right sedation, make the process of extracting teeth straightforward with discomfort kept to a minimum. Misaligned or nonfunctional wisdom teeth and overcrowding issues can be solved with tooth extractions. Teeth may also need to be extracted before dentures can be placed.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is internally damaged, there are usually only two solutions: tooth extraction or root canal therapy. A root canal procedure can save the tooth and remove the need for an extraction. It helps treat the internal infection, removing the infected material and filling it up before a crown is added. The root canal procedure has long had a negative reputation, but that’s not entirely accurate these days. With the right modern techniques and equipment, it can be made quite comfortable and straightforward.

Tooth colored fillings

Tooth colored fillings are made using a mixture of resin and ground ceramic. They’re specifically made to blend in with the surrounding teeth, creating a more natural overall appearance. There are many other benefits that come with choosing these fillings beyond their natural aesthetic though. For example, these fillings have been shown to last for a long time, so they’re highly durable. That’s exactly what you want from your fillings. They’re also less temperature sensitive and won’t lead to any teeth staining issues either.

Rapid Short Term Braces

If you want to improve the overall look of your smile, it might be a good idea to consider rapid short term braces. These will only be in place for 6 months, and after that your smile will be better aligned and you’ll achieve a better appearance. This solution is ideal for anyone who has a healthy smile but simply wants to enhance how it looks. Dr. White will mold your teeth and use state of the art technology to fit the braces you need in order to improve your smile.

TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is a problem that can manifest itself in a few ways. Sufferers often experience chronic headaches, earache, tingling fingers and sometimes migraines among other symptoms. Dr. White has extensive experience diagnosing and treating TMJ using TMJ therapy. He’ll help to overcome the problem and treat it at its source, meaning you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant symptoms that are associated with TMJ. Dr. White will assess your individual situation and find an approach that suits you best.

Nightguards for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Teeth grinding or Bruxism is a relatively common problem. If you know it’s something you do while you sleep and you want to do something about it, Dr. White can assist with that. It’s a problem that can be treated in multiple ways, and one of the most effective solutions involves using a night guard that stops you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. They relax the jaw and protect the teeth at the same time.

Oral Surgery

If you require any kind of oral surgery, we can take care of that for you here at Advanced Dental Concepts. Dr. White has extensive experience carrying out a variety of oral surgery procedures, including surgery on impacted, unsalvageable and erupted wisdom teeth. If you require any oral surgery, don’t hesitate to get in touch and arrange an appointment with Dr. White.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or consultation with Dr. White, your partner in the quest for a beautiful, healthy smile. Our Broomall office delivers exemplary service and distinctive dental care to residents of Broomall, Philadelphia, Delaware County, and surrounding areas.

Gum Disease -- Think it's not your problem?

Studies indicate that 75% of all Americans over 35 have some form of gum disease. In the early stage, the symptoms can be mild or non-existent. But left untreated, gum disease can progress to severely damage your oral health and even contribute to serious overall health conditions. Dr. White offers non-invasive gum disease therapies to renew periodontal health and keep your gums healthy and strong. Schedule a gum disease assessment today.

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